Aerial Filmer is one of the leading Aerial Photography and Cinematography service provider in India. We try to get the best aerial shots for your special occasion or project to give your audience a totally new perspective.


In India, as you might know that flying drones is completely banned! However, people still use drones for getting a different perspective. Sometimes, they are lucky to escape from the cops, while other times they have to go through a tedious process of getting all the permissions from the local police, DGCA, local government and politicians and sometimes even the airport authorities. This process can get really complicated and might take hours and sometimes even days to get all the permissions cleared. To make this entire process easier, we have a network of Line Producers across India and abroad who help us with the legal permissions to fly the drone. Our Line Producers ensure that there is nobody to question us or interfere during the aerial shoot, thus helping us film smoothly using drone cameras.


Meet the Team

Founder & Director


“There will come a time when cars will cease to run on road and there will only be drones in the skies!” – Abhijeet Parui (Founder, AERIAL FILMER)

Abhijeet found his passion for photography at an young age of 17. He has been a professional photographer and cinematographer since past 6yrs now. Besides being a photographer, he is also a good leader, motivator and always trying to scale things and make more money. In 2016, he was introduced to his new found passion for travel, for film making, for social media and sharing the world with other people. By now, he was influenced by many travel vloggers and influencers and found one peculiar thing about them – Stunning Aerial Views of different places. That’s where he decided to shift his focus from mere photography to something new – DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY. He then bought his very first drone – DJI Phantom 4 by the end of 2016 and started taking up commercial projects. He quickly got some tremendous response and has worked with a number of big and small clients by now in different categories which can be found here. By this time he had made contacts with lot of people in the drone-filming industry (some big shots too) and was able to form a network of Line Producers who would help him get legal permissions for drone filming across India and abroad. From there, he went on to start his own company – AERIAL FILMER in March 2017.